Viral Videos



To celebrate the recent publication of my new book Film in Action for DELTA Publishing, I’m sharing a number of activities you can try out with your students. In this activity students are encouraged to discuss why films become viral, and analyse a viral film.

Choose a viral film which you think your students will like. Here’s a short viral video which has worked well with my students.



Use this film or choose your own, and then move onto the activity as outlined below:

viral videosIf you try this activity with your students, do please let me know how it goes (in the Comments box below)!


2 thoughts on “Viral Videos

  1. Dear Kieran, thank you for your great job you have been doing!!! All your projects are invaluable for teachers and beneficial for students. Have discussed viral videos with my 9th-formers. I did some research on Google and I found information about what makes videos viral. I chose cross-group activity to let students find out what aspects make videos viral and then the students watched the video you offered. The summary was; ” Societies are addicted to technologies. Addiction is illness ” Then possible ways of changing the sittuation was offered as written homework.


    • Dear Maria,
      Thanks a lot for commenting and for your kinfd words. I like the way you’vve used the video and your discussion with your students sounds like it was really interesting.
      All the best,


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