One-second Films Created by Portugese Students


One of the activities in my new book Film in Action (DELTA Publishing) is called One-second films in which students create their own one-second-long films about something which is beautiful or important to them and to then talk about why they chose this moment to film.

Here are two great videos from students at a Portuguese secondary school, Escola Secundária de Estarreja. Thanks to their Teacher Glória Silva for sending the video to me.




You can find a description of the activity below, if you’d like to try it out with your students.

If you can’t find a compilation of one-second-long videos, here’s a compilation which has worked well with my students.


Seconds Of Beauty – 1st round compilation from The Beauty Of A Second on Vimeo.


Use this compilation or choose your own, and then move onto the activity as outlined below:




You might like to hold an awards ceremony for your students’ films. You might also like to create – or even better, get your students to create –  a compilation video of all their films.

If you try this activity with your students, do please let me know how it goes (in the Comments box below)!


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